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Crostillant of Sea bass with an olive oil emulsion


- A 9 ounce sea bass filet
- 7 ounce of potatoes
- Olive oil
- 0.7 ounce of caviar of Aquitaine
- 1 lemon
- Fish fumet
- Butter
- A branch of dill

- Roast the sea bass with oil.
- After a few minutes, reduce the temperature and let it cook slowly.
- Reduce the fish fumet.
- Add some olive oil in the reduction of fumet, mix and add some lemon.
- During this time cook the potatoes in salted water.
- After, mash the potatoes with olive oil and some butter, put salt and pepper.
- Put everything in hot plate. Make a ball of mashed potatoes and put a spoon of caviar on it. Put the sea bass on the plate with sauce around, and add the branch of dill.

Main dish for 1 persons
Preparation time : 30 min
Difficulty : Beginner
Required Material : 1 mixer
Recette Crostillant of Sea bass with an olive oil emulsion