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Follow the recipe from the chef Eddy Le Roux

Duo of Florida frog legs, fricassee with kamut berries and black garlic


Frog leg lollipops :
- 18 skinned and cleaned fresh frog hindquarters
- 3 eggs, beaten with 1 tbs of milk, seasoned
- 1/3 cup of AP Flour, seasoned
- 1/3 cup of fine white bread crumbs, seasoned
- Grape seed oil
- AP flour
Fricassee :
- 4 tbs of olive oil
- 12 white button mushrooms, trimmed and quartered
- 2 sprigs of thyme
- 1 garlic clove, crushed
- 1 tbs of butter
- 1 cup of baby spinach leaves
- 4 pieces of shallot confit, roughly chopped
- 2 tsp of cracked black pepper
- 2 tbs of sherry vinegar
- 1/4 cup of chicken jus
- 1/2 bunch of parsley, leaves chopped
- Salt, white pepper
Spinach Puree :
- 2 cups of spinach leaves, packed
- 3 tbs of brown butter
- Salt, pepper
Garlic Cream :
- 12 garlic cloves, peeled
- 1/2 cup of heavy cream
- 1/2 cup of milk
- Salt, ground white pepper
Kamut Berries :
- 1/2 cup of kamut berries
- 2 cups of chicken stock
- Sachet (2 sprigs thyme, 1 tsp black peppercorn, 1 clove garlic, and one bay leaf)
- 1/2 cup of heavy cream
- 1/3 cup of garlic puree (see above)
- Salt
Fried Shallot Rings :
- 4 large shallots
- Milk
- 2 tbs of icing sugar
- 1/2 cup of AP flour
- Frying oil
Garnish :
- 4 black garlic cloves, sliced
- Baby spinach leaves

For the lollipops, sleeve up the frog legs. Dip the legs in order into the flour, the egg and the bread crumb. Fry them at 350 F°. Strain on a paper towel.

For the fricassee , cook the mushrooms in olive oil. Add the thyme, the garlic and the rests of the chair of the frog passed in flour. Strain onto a paper towel. In the same pan, add a little bit of butter to cook the spinach with the shallot confit. Bring back the rest to heat up. Season and deglaze with the sherry vinegar. Add the chicken jus and finish with the parsley.

For the puree, blanch (boiling salted water) the spinach until getting tender. Pass them in cold water. Strain and blend them with the brown butter. Season. Heat before dressing.

For the garlic cream, put the cloves in cold water and bring it to a boil, strain and repeat it three more times. Keep them in cold water. Cook them into the cream and milk and let reduce 10 min. Blend it to get a smooth puree and season. Reserve in the refrigerator.

Rince the kannut berries. Soak them in chicken stock overnight. After, season and simmer for 3 hours. Pass it and serve it hot with heavy cream and garlic puree.

Slice the shallots and separate the rings. Cover them with milk and soak for 1 hour. Strain and dry. Fry them at 350 F°. Coat them with sugar and flour. Strain on a paper towel.

For the dressing, make a line of spinach puree. Put a spoon of fricassee in the center and the lollipops around. Garnish with crispy shallots, sliced black garlic and a few baby spinach leaves. You can serve kannut berries in a side pot.

Appetizer for 6 persons
Preparation time : 5 h
Difficulty : Advanced
Required Material :
Recette Duo of Florida frog legs, fricassee with kamut berries and black garlic