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Follow the recipe from the chef Dominique Ansel

Gianduja sable with Venezuelan chocolate puffed rice, hazelnut ice-cream


Chocolate mousse :
- 0.1 oz of gelatin leaves
- 8.5 oz of milk
- 15.8 oz of heavy cream
- 10.8 oz of conception chocolate
Praline cremeux :
- 13.6 oz of heavy cream
- 0.2 oz of gelatin leaves
- 21.3 oz of praline a l'ancienne
Gianduja sable :
- 20.8 oz of baked vanilla pate sable
- Gianduja chocolate
Hazelnut brittle :
- 19,6 oz of diced hazelnut
- 9.8 oz of corn syrup
- 5.9 oz of sugar
Gianduja puffed rice :
- 17,6 oz of puffed rice
- 0.9 oz of cocoa butter
- 16.8 oz of gianduja chocolate
Chocolate caramel tuile :
- 10.1 oz of caraibe chocolate, chopped
- 15.1 oz of fondant
- 10.1 oz of glucose

For the mousse, bring the milk to a boil with the softened gelatin and verse it step by step on the chocolate. Emulsify. Whip the heavy cream medium and mix it with the chocolate.

For the cremeux, heat the cream with the softened gelatin. Add it in 3 times in the praline. Blend.

For the sable , blend both ingredients. Roll it in plastic. Chill and cut.

For the brittle, bake the hazelnut s at 330 F° for 4 min. Increase to 350 F°, toss with corn sirup and sugar and bake for more 7 to 9 min. Cool at room temperature.

For the puffed rice , melt chocolate and butter separately. Then mix all ingredients.

For the tuile, heat the fondant and the glucose to 330 F°. Display on a parchment paper and let it at room temperature. Brake it and put it in square onto a parchment paper, then bake it at 350 F° for 4 to 5 min. Mold it and let it at room temperature.

Place 1 piece of sable . Pipe a line of chocolate cremeux on top. Place a tuile. Put chocolate mousse into a cylinder and sprinkle puffed rice on both ends. Put it on the center of the tuile. Serve with hazelnut or vanilla ice-cream .

Dessert for 8 persons
Preparation time : 3 h
Difficulty : Advanced
Required Material :
Recette Gianduja sable  with Venezuelan chocolate puffed rice, hazelnut ice-cream