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Follow the recipe from the chef James Distefano

Passion fruit curd with coconut tapioca and tropical fruit


- 1/2 oz of kiwi
- 1/2 oz of mango
- 1 oz of pineapple
- 0.05 oz of cilantro
- 4 balls of pineapple sorbet or vanilla ice-cream
Passion fruit curd :
- 12 oz of sugar
- 11 oz of eggs
- 14.5 oz of passion fruit puree
- 0.2 g of gelatin leaf
- 12 oz of butter
Tapioca :
- 8 oz of tapioca
- 12 oz of skim milk
- 4.4 lbs of coconut puree
- 14 oz of coconut water
- 1/3 oz of vanilla bean
- 1/4 oz of kafir lime leaf
- 0.1 oz of salt
- 0.2 oz of xanthan gum
Passion fruit jelly :
- 18 oz of passion fruit puree
- 6 oz of water
- 2 oz of sugar
- 0.1 oz of vanilla
- 1 oz of gelatin leaf
- 0.02 oz of salt

For the passion fruit curd, mix the sugar, these eggs and the passion fruit puree with a pinch of salt. Soften the gelatin in cold water, dry it and add it to the mix. Cook it during 15 min on medium-low flame. When it's done, it's will stick a little and get shine. After, put it to a boil 15 sec and cut the fire. Add the butter. Emulsify into a blender and pass it into a chinois. Let it cool down in a oven plate with a plastic on it. Before dressing, whip it.

For the jelly , warm the puree, add the soften gelatin and cool it down in a plate. Cut small dices.

Soak the tapioca overnight in water. Cook it 10 min the rest of the ingredients. Keep it in the refrigerator.

Peal and cut the fruits in small dices. Keep them in the refrigerator.

For the dressing, fill the bottom of an empty glass with the curd. After, put 1 tbs of tapioca and cover with the fruits. Add one or two leaves of cilantro. Finish with the pineapple sorbet.

Dessert for 20 persons
Preparation time : 24 h
Difficulty : Medium
Required Material :
Recette Passion fruit curd with coconut tapioca and tropical fruit