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Follow the recipe from the chef Alex Stupak

Soft chocolate ganache with black cardamom, peppermint and toffee


- Peppermint leaves
Ganache :
- 1.7 oz of water
- 0.07 oz of of agar agar
- 3.5 oz of glucose
- 1 sheet of gelatin
- 32 oz of heavy cream
- 13 oz of chocolate
- 0.15 oz of salt
Sponge cake :
- 6 eggs
- 13 oz of sugar
- 0.7 oz of black cardamom
- 6 oz of milk
- 13 oz of flour
- 0.4 oz of baking powder
- 5 oz of grapeseed oil
- 8 oz of glucose
- 0.2 oz of salt
Cocoa crumbs :
- 14 oz of cocoa powder
- 6 oz of sugar
- 10 oz of butter
- 1/3 oz of salt
- 3 egg whites
Black cardamom sauce :
- 1/2 oz of black cardamom
- 17 oz of milk
- 0.15 oz of agar
- 3.5 oz of sugar
- 0.9 oz of brown butter
- 0.04 oz of salt
Toffee sauce :
- 2.2 lbs of heavy cream
- 7 oz of butter
- 26 oz of sugar
- 25 oz of glucose
- 1/2 oz of salt
Tuile :
- 3.5 oz of cocoa powder
- 17 oz of water
- 1/3 oz of Gellan gum
- 5 oz of glucose
- 0.2 oz of salt
Peppermint ice-cream :
- 40 oz of milk
- 12 oz of cream
- 0.15 oz of peppermint extract
- 3.5 oz of sugar
- 3 oz of non fat milk powder
- 10 oz of dextrose
- 2 oz of inverted sugar
- 1/2 oz of guar gum
- 0.15 oz of salt

For the ganache , bring the water, the agar, the glucose, the softened gelatin and the heavy cream to a boil. Put the chocolate and a pinch of salt in a bowl. Put half of the hot milk on the chocolate and melt it completely. Then incorporate the second part. Roll a hard plastic sheet and put it into a pvc tube. Put a wine cork on one of the side and fill the tube with the ganache . Put it up in the refrigerator for 6 hours. After you can portion it into 0.4 inch pieces.

For the tuile, bring the water to a boil and blend with gellan first, then glucose, sugar and salt. Cold until smooth. Put it into cornet formed with a parchment paper. Display it on hard plastic band. Let it dry 24 h at ambient temperature. Pull it out from the plastic and put it on a silpad and cook them into the oven at 210 F° for 1 hour. Then put the temperature at 300 F° and take them out directly. After you can bend it.

For the sponge cake, mix the eggs, the sugar and the black cardamom until getting a ribbon. Incorporate the milk, then the flour and the baking powder. Mix the oil, the glucose and salt separately. Incorporate a few egg mixture. Mix all. Bake it at 300 F° for 25 min.

For the cocoa crumbs, mix all the components to get a dough. Cook it at 300 F° during 30 min. Brake it.

For the black cardamom sauce, bring the milk to a boil. Add the cardamom and let infuse for 1 h. Blend with the agar, then the sugar, the brown butter and salt. Then let it cool down.

For the toffee sauce, bring the sugar and glucose to a caramel and then add the cream. Incorporate the butter and let it cool down. Emulsify.

For the ice-cream, bring the milk and cream to a boil, add all the remaining ingredients and blend. Chill and pass it trough an ice-cream maker.

Dress the toffee sauce first. Put the cocoa crumb around. Add 5 pieces of our ganache . Drop the bended tuile over. Place the sponge cake around and add cardamom sauce beside. Display mint leaves. Add a quenelle of ice-cream on a little bit of coco crumbs to fix it.

Dessert for 40 persons
Preparation time : 24 h
Difficulty : Advanced
Required Material :
Recette Soft chocolate ganache with black cardamom, peppermint and toffee