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- 20 oz of japanese rice
- 20 oz of water
- 1/4 filet of golden eye snapper
- 1/4 filet of ocean trout
- 1/4 filet of tuna rim
- 1/4 filet of tuna toro
- 1/4 filet of amberjack (yellowtail)
- 1/4 filet of giant clam
- 1/4 filet of baby red snapper
- 1/4 filet of octopus rack
- 1 wasabi root
- 1 yuzu
- Salt
Sushi vinegar :
- 1 oz of sugar
- 1/3 oz of salt
- 1 cup rice vinegar

Wash the rice a few times with a little bit of water, to not brake it, till the water doesn't become white anymore. Let it dry in the chinois for 25 min. Put the rice in a towel and cook it in a pan with the water during 20 min, then let it out of the fire in the pan for more 20 min. Incorporate the sushi vinegar to the rice and cool it directly after for 15 min.

Filet and remove the bones from the fish es. Pull out the skin. Cut the slices in the opposite sense of the line of the fish . Hit the giant clam .

Peel and grate the wasabi root on shark skin rasp.

Use the rice at a human temperature and make the balls in the right hand. Take the fish in the left hand and put a few wasabi on it. Put them together. Season the clam and the octopus with yuzu juice and salt.

Starter for 10 persons
Preparation time : 4 h
Difficulty : Beginner
Required Material :
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