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- 20 oz of japanese rice
- 20 oz of water
- 1 mackerel
- Salt
- Rice vinegar
- Sesame sauce
- Shiso leaves
- Black seaweed
- 1 leaf of gelatin
- Sugar
Sushi vinegar :
- 1 ounce of sugar
- 1/3 ounce of salt
- 1 cup rice vinegar

Filet the mackerel and cover them with salt on both sides. Keep them in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Then wash them with water. Marinate them in cold rice vinegar for 40 min. After, removes all the bones and the skin. Slice the fish .

Wash the rice a few times with a little bit of water, to not brake it, till the water don't become white anymore. Let it dry in the chinois for 25 min. Put the rice in a towel and cook it in a pan with the water during 20 min, then let it out of the fire in the pan for more 20 min. Incorporate the sushi vinegar to the rice and cool it directly after for 15 min.

Heat the gelatin in vinegar and sugar.

Put a plastic sheet on the bottom of the oshigata (wood box). Add the slices in it. Fill the half of the box with rice . Add some sesame sauce and sliced shies leaves. Fill the box with more rice . Display the black seaweed over at the good size and close with plastic paper. Push with the top of the box. Cut 8 pieces trough the plastic sheet. Remove the sheet. Cut and display the gelatin over.

Starter for 10 persons
Preparation time : 4 h
Difficulty : Beginner
Required Material :
Recette Western style sushi